Quick-Anneal Induction Annealer


Quick Anneal®
Induction Rifle Brass Annealer.

– Easy Setup
– Easy operation
– Automatic case ejection
– Maintenance free
– Restore brass to relaxed state
– Extend case life
– No sacrificial case
– No pilots or case holders required
– Safer (no open flame and butane)

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Quick Anneal®

The Induction Rifle Brass Case Annealing Machine. Striving to provide reloaders and competition shooting athletes with a cost-effective way to gain the most out of their brass cases and shooting performance while keeping the consistency as high as possible.
Using our unique induction annealing technology will advance your brass consistency and life expectancy to new levels. We know you will enjoy the results as much as many of the top shooters do. Our induction annealers is a precision instruments and manufactured in medium batches by ourselves to enhance quality. Serious tech and induction annealers for serious reloaders and shooting athletes.

Quick Anneal® Features
Internal cooling
No assembly required
Laser cut design
Powder coated
Quick adjustable case height
Quick adjustable time heating
Automatic case detection
Automatic case centering
Automatic case counter
Anomaly detection
Range 17 Rem – 408 CT / 470 NE
Maintenance free
Easy operation
Why Choose Quick Anneal®
No sacrificial case
Easy setup
Safer (no open flame and butane)
Consistent heating (no hot or cold spots)
Repeatable results
Contribute to greater accuracy
Any variable speed auto case feeder can be used to automate the process*
International testing & certification (IEC)
Case anomaly detection and warning (case sorting)
No pilots or case holders required
Increase brass toughness
Extend case life
Cost saving on case life
Lower ES*
Restore brass to relaxed state
1st F-Class World Record with induction